You can make a difference for years to come.

Student Councils can help their school understand carbon neutrality is the only morally right position to take.

Your school will listen to you.

you can make a difference

Your student council can make a real difference

Together, we can make things better

take action

Action. Ideas. Now!

Your Student Council can do these straight away!

Here are 4 things that will make a real difference:

Get your Student Council on side

Speak with your other Eco Club members and help them understand that your school needs to change. Click here for more support.

Meet with your Head

The person who can really make change is your Head (Principal, Director). Organize a meeting and pursuade! Click here for more.

Get others involved

Your parents can get things to change. They can talk to other parents and the Board. Get thenm to get active! More ideas here

Sign our petition

We have a petition on Get as many people that you can to sign it. Click here to visit the petition or make your own.

And 5 things everyone can do!

Some more ideas…

We’ll be adding more ideas over time so sign up to our Newsletter and we’ll let you know

our story

We all know our schools should be doing more!

A while back I got really angry!

Don’t just talk. Do something!

We can make change happen but we need help. By working together with our teachers, principals, the people who make our schools run and outside experts we can make our schools better places.

We share the same mission

We’re on a Mission

Find out what we’ve been up to!

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