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School Sponsorship

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Regional Partnerships

building connections

Companies targeting the area that matters most…

Regional Partnerships (Bavaria or Texas, for example) are a great way to help a wider range of schools in the area where your company wish to have influence. Build you positive brand recognition and focus your CSR resources where it matters most.

School Sponsorship

Connecting to your community

Change the world one school at a time

School sponsorship offers companies (or individuals) the opportunity to sponsor a specific school’s journey towards carbon neutrality and accreditation. If you have a school community which important to you and your business, this is a great way to give back and get in return get a fantastic return on your investment.

Country Sponsorship

wider reach

Powering change & making a difference

By extending your range a little further, you can make a significant differece across your country. Build a significant positive brand recognition and focus your CSR resources where it matters most.

Global Sponsorship

Powering significant impact

Make a significant difference

Global sponsors have the abilty to make a signifant different for their brand and to the communities they serve. By becoming a global sponsor you will link your company to a foundation that is striving to make a concrete and pro-active difference.

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