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The road to mission aligned, operational efficiency that is good for the bank balance and our world.

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school based workshops

Workshops that have impact

Our workshops are designed to grow human capital and generate lasting benefit across the board

Level 1 introductory workshop

Start Here! Building a better way of saving money, time and our world

This workshop is designed to bring your team together on a shared mission to bring your operations into the 21st Century.

We provide an overview of the challenges and oppotunities, outline the tools and approaches to drive change and help your team understand the benefits (financial & other) of mission driven operations development. We’ll also have some fun along the way!

Delivery: Live & Online
Duration: 1 School Day
Cost: US$1,750

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Level 2 workshops

Understanding the challenge ahead: measuring, collecting and analyzing

Data informs all powerful decisions. In this workshop we will giude you and your team through the data collection, processing and analytics processes. We will help you understand the challenges, options and opportunities that lie ahead.

Delivery: Live & Online
Duration: 1 School Day + Follow Up
Cost: US$1,950

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Building an Action Plan that will make the biggest difference

This workshop has a very concrete goal; to help you create an actionable and targeted plan to re-align your operations around 21st Century goals and targets. We’ll pull together all the learning and data from the previous workshops and help you on your journey.

Delivery: Live & Online
Duration: 1 School Day + Follow Up
Cost: US$2,250

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level 3 workshops

The answers lie in getting the detail right

online certification courses

Evidence (& benefit from) your commitment

Our certification courses are designed to support and grow individuals who want to make a substantive commitment

level 3 certification course

School Sustainability Leader

Evidence & benefit from your commitment

A certification is designed to empower you you take on leading role in your school in driving a 21st Century sustainability agenda through to fruition. It is an 8 week, high level course that will take you through all the areas you need cover in order to be well prepared for your exciting future!

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level 4 higher certification

School Sustainability Officer

Our highest level of training preparing you for complex challenges

This certification prepares you to take on high level roles in large schools and school groups. We provide participants with all they need to drive systemic chane across complex organizations.If you are interesting in learning more about our CNSF School Sustainability Officer Certification, please jest get in touch.

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