We want to celebrate your heros with you!

Show the people who do the most that you value their contribution & publicly share your school’s commitment to a positive future.

External validation for your heros

Empower, motivate & share the good news!

Time to get everyone thinking positively again

A unique opportunity to gain recognition and validation

A quick overview:

  • 15-30 minute planning conversation with your team,
  • 30-45 minute meeting (you provide the pizza!) with your nominated Carbon Heros (3 students & 1 adult),
  • 15-25 minute live assembly presentation, by our Executive Director, followed by,
  • 10 minute certificate presentation ceremony,
  • & to top it off, a free celebration page (created & hosted on our site). Great promotion!

It’s easy and makes a big difference

1. Quick meeting to get the show on the road!

We’ll sit together and plan out the event to esure that we are all aligned around timings, approach & focus. We will learn a little more about your school and your context before talking about the commitment that your nominated Carbon Heros have demonstated.

2. Affirming meeting with your nominated Carbon Heros

Our Executive Director will join your Carbon Heros and  discuss their successes, the challenges they faced and how the overcame them. The meeting will be informal, positive and inspirational and each Hero will be give space to share and discuss.

3. The main event is a celebratory assembly

In a 15 -25 minute presentation (depanding on age of students) our Executive Director will engage you students in a positive presentation that will engage students and motivate them to think positively about the benefits of behaviour change & immediate action.

4. Followed by the certificate presentation ceremony

At the end of the assembly presentation there will be a formal presentation of the the Carbon Heros certification. Carried out in conjunction with the Head of School or Prinicipal, it will provide formal, public recognition to your nominated recipients.

5. Get the message out!

After the event we will create a webpage on our site celebrating your Carbon Heros. It will provide you with the perfect resource for any promotion approaches you choose to undertake to share your successes with the broader community.

6. Grow a culture a aspirational positive action

Highlighting the positve activities of the committed few is a great way to grow a broader culture of positive action. Schools that value mission driven benefit from a broad range of benefits that spin out way beyond enviromental activism.

Questions? We have answers…

Is this event 'in person' or 'online'?

This event is live and online. We use whichever platform works best for you.

How much does it cost?

The for the event and digital certification is £450.

Tax will be charged additionally according to the local rate. A 5% transfer fee will be added to cover the cost of transfer costs.

Carbon hero merchandise will be optionally available to nominated Carbon Heros through our online shop. 

Does everything need to happen on the same day or can we spread it out?

The events can be spread out over the period on 1 week. Times will be fixed by mutual agreement at the initial meeting.

What do our Carbon Heros get to recognize their achievement?

Along with the public ceremony the Carbon Heros receive a printed certificate to recognize their achievement. We will share the certificate in digital form and ask the school to print it locally for presentation.

Additionally, Carbon Heros can optionally order environmentally friendly merchandise from our online store.

We're a small school. Can we make this a whole school process?

For medium to large schools the logistices mean that we can only guarantee a really great experience if we present to a section of the school. However, for schools with enrolment below 450 we are happy to make this a whole school event.

I have more questions, who should I ask?

Easy! Just get in touch with us by using the form below.

About our Executive Director

Neil Tomalin

Neil Tomalin


Neil joined the Carbon Neutral School Foundation as our Executive Director in 2020. He is a committed educator who is committed to supporting schools on their journey to toward carbon neutrality. 

Neil has worked in a variety of leadership and teaching roles across the globe and loves to interact with students of all ages.

He is passionate about supporting schools in developing a culture which is inclusive, empowering and aspirational.

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