Making the numbers add up

By working with you on creating a viable financing model will help you make you plans reality. 

A range of powerful financing options exist.

re-frame you school’s finances 

funding your investment in the future

Funding. Search and we shall find.

Depending on your location and circumstances there a range of ways to fund the change

Reallocation of Existing Resources

Change always bring opportunity. The path towards carbon neutrality is the path to operational efficiency. By re-organizing systems we free up cash that can be reallocated.

Grants & Subsidies

You are not alone on this journey. Many counties or regions desparately wants you to take on this challenge and provide a range of financial incentives and support for you to get there. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Successful companies want to make a positive difference to our world. We will work with you to find a corporate partner that want to accompany you on your journey and enjoy some of the limelight that success will bring.

Low Interest Loans

There are range of long term financing vehicles available to schools who wish to fund some of their operational infrastructure improvements in this manner. Getting the right mix is the challenge.

reallocating your resources

Same. Just different.

Refocusing your resources can bring huge benefits

Rebalancing your spending priorities

Operations budgets in schools tend not be be carefully scrutinized. Cost in this area are usually taken as a given. However, by carefully axamining your current operational cost structure, it is always possible not just to save money at the edges but to visualize another, more sustainable route to achieving your goals using the cash that you already spend.

School Sponsorship - A close relationship

Linking up with companies in your region...

Companies sponsor initiatives across countries

International Regions

Global Sponsors

finding grants and subsidies

Help available. Just well buried!

Governmental grants and subsidies are available to schools in many regions

Navigate the complex maze of support

Accross the globe there is huge amounts of money available to schools that wish to make our environment better. The challenge comes when it come to navigating the application processes.

A quick example, the EU provide a range of support to schools but it took a well seasoned expert a long while to find them!

If you are interested in EU subsidy, Click here.

bank loans and more

Finding the right match made in heaven

Loans offer schools really opportunity but finding the right ones is key

Restructuring your financing

Sometimes, banks can support you in finding the right financing models to enable you to spread the initial capital cost of any infrastructure and facility changes required and allowing your to offset them against future savings and profitability gains.

We can help connect you with the specialists who can support you on this journey.

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