Be a positive change agent.

Educators have the ability to make a real difference to your school and your world.

Together we can change minds.

We rely on your support

get your school to neutral!

Together, we can make things better

As educators you can help your school focus resources, be true to its Mission & go carbon neutral

We share the same mission

take action

Here are 4 ideas that are quick to implement and make a real difference:

Speak with your Leadership Team

Help them to understand that they should prioritize the important over the immediate. Click here for more.

Get others on board

Help us work across your community to build awarenes of school’s moral responsibility. Click here for more.

Get on the agenda

Raise the issue in your staff meetings. You can only deliver on your Mission when you are carbon neutral. More here

Spread the word

Meet with the people who decide and get them to confront the core hypocracy at your school. Click here to find out more.

Some more ideas…

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our story

We all know our schools should be doing more!

A while back I got really angry!

Don’t just talk. Do something!

We can make change happen but we need help. By working together with our teachers, principals, the people who make our schools run and outside experts we can make our schools better places.


Get more schools to join our Foundation.

The rewards are not just intrinsic!

It’s easy to get involved and make a real difference:

1. Sign up to our Evangelist programme

Just get in touch and we will send you all the information you need to register as an evangelist. After that, you’ll be able to access our resources and network.

2. Access our resources & get sharing

We have a growing bank of resources and ideas that will help you target your energies and time in the most effective way.

3. Encourage schools to do the right thing

You have a network of colleagues and previous employers who respect your opinion. work with them to spread the word and get in touch with the school leaders, teachers and board members who can decide to join us.

Enjoy some benefits!

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be rewarded. We’ve taken a leaf out of e-commerce web ite marketing book and offer real financial rewards to get school’s to sign up.

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